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Make An Intelligent Choice With Your Dog Treat Shopping

Make An Intelligent Choice With Your Dog Treat Shopping

When you go dog food shopping, buying treats is a big challenge. You always want to treat your fur friend with something new and interesting to eat after good behavior. Other than considering the dietary requirements, it is essential to check the labels and packets thoroughly before you choose to make the purchase.

You do not want to give the same beef cheese sticks every time. Explore the flavors and start by buying smaller quantities for new ones. Once your dog enjoys the new treat, then you can opt for larger packs that are easy to store and economical.

Here are the seven tips for buying dog treats like a smart dog owner.

Tip #1 – Production date:

The brand name and date of production are the foremost considerations for any product. And especially if you are purchasing a food item, you must check the label before adding it to your shopping cart. The manufacturing date should not be more than one or two months and hold a longer shelf life.

Tip #2 – Ingredients: 

The content of any food item is another crucial point to look for. You can never ignore the top two ingredients of any edible product. Generally, the dog treats contain chicken, beef, and pork-based with a mix of nuts and eggs.

You must ensure that the dog treats have the right balance of nutrients, including protein, fiber, fat, and moisture. Your four-legged friend will require the proper amount of all the healthy ingredients.

Tip #3 – Calculate the Calories: 

You can get all the details of the calorie count at the back of the packet. However, if you are looking for more specifications, check with the vendor, and they should help with the same.

Sharing information about the right number of calories for every product is the company’s responsibility and if you have any doubts about the dog treat you are buying, double-check.

Tip #4 – Company name and brand value:

If you are regularly buying the same dog treat, or intend to continue with a particular taste (since your dog fell in love with it), always check for the reputation of the manufacturers.

The primary reason some brands continue to monopolize the dog food market; is the quality they maintain in every pack.

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Tip #5 – Size and quantity of treat:

Every dog is unique – in size, breed, taste, preference, and age. Therefore, it is vital to understand the size of dog treats is especially important.

The types of treats are always in various categories as per the breed and age group of the dogs. Never make the mistake of feeding your pet with the wrong treats or incorrect quantities.

Tip #6 – Transparency of product: 

Mentioning the ingredients is just one part of the packaging but, declaring the allergens in bold is another excellent feature to consider.

Your fur friend may not be able to digest nuts or may have an allergy to cheese – the dog treat must mention everything in bold for making the smart choice.

Tip #7 – Cater to Special needs: 

When your quadruped friend is recovering from surgery or has a special requirement for a phase of life (due to illness), it is better to double-check the packet of dog treats.

Try to target small packs in such a scenario so that you don’t have to continue with the same treats even after your pet is fine.

Always avoid treats that contain artificial flavorings, colors, and chemical products – all these are very harmful to your pets. Ensure that you buy only fresh produce, recently packed, natural ingredients, and servers to two to three breeds of dogs.

When you have more pets of different breeds, buying different varieties of treats for each one can be tricky. You can always check with the vendor or the back of the packet to buy dog treats like a smart owner.

You have a wide choice to make the smart buy!

There are two varieties of dog treats – munching and chewing variety. It depends on you and your pet to make a choice. If you are seeking quick bites after a park run, the trick at the backyard and long walks, quick munchy bites are ideal.

However, if you want to give your pup something to chew on, and stay busy, a chewy variant is perfect. You can always choose large bone treats for bigger dogs who like playing with their food while enjoying it.

You can go for 100% natural variety treats that are plant-based for vegan families. You can opt for multipurpose dog treats that contain a combination of meat and fish extracts.

You can treat your fur friend during the training hours or between two meals. Dog treats are more popular amongst those pet lovers who want to appreciate and encourage their four-legged friends. Dental chew treats and baked cookies are ideal for a specific reason.

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Ensure proper storage 

Always ensure that you store the dog treats in a clean and dry space, either in large airtight containers or using zip lockers to prevent them from rotting.

You don’t want the entire 10 Kg bag of dog treat to smell horrible due to moisture seeping in or your dog toppling on the entire bag.

Get airtight jars for handy use of smaller quantities and keep them near the play area and backyard for easy access after your dog enjoys a healthy exercise and activity time.

The conclusion 

Read the pack carefully before making the purchase, and if you are unsure, you can ask for sample packs from the dog treat store.

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