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Sunday , August 14 2022
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How Long Does It Take To Have My Small Dog Groomed

How Long Does It Take To Have My Small Dog Groomed?

Factors that determine the time it takes to groom a small dog

If you look at the list of services included in grooming a dog like bathing, blow-drying, ear cleaning, nail trimming, tooth brushing, and hair cutting, it will be evident that haircutting is perhaps the most time taking process of them all.

Hence, hair cutting constitutes a significant half of the actual cost spent on grooming. Since some dog species like terriers, poodles and schnauzers have a special cut or style; it can take longer for grooming than other dogs.

On average, it takes about an hour for a dog grooming session with a highly expert professional dog groomer. The expertise of the groomer can even help to reduce the time.

But since the grooming time depends on the dog’s breed, temperament, and how well it cooperates with the groomer, an hour might be too much to expect. It can take between an hour and a half and two hours but might extend further by another hour.

The timelines given above are for normal dog grooming sessions undertaken regularly as part of the dog’s wellness and well-being.

However, to prepare your dog for a dog show or some competition, it would require special grooming that can take almost double the usual time, and on the whole, it can take about 4 hours.

The dog’s fur and hair impact the time of grooming

Since most grooming processes except for hair cuts take less time, the focus is always on the type and extent of hair cut that dog needs to estimate the time it would take to complete the grooming session.

If you keep your dog untidy and unkempt, even the standard grooming will take longer than the average time to complete a similar session.

The bathing and shampooing of the dog will take more time, and if it is a furry dog with long hair, then brushing will also take longer because of too much-matted hair caused by long-time neglect. To untangle a lot of matted hair, the groomer must give extra time, which increases the cost.

Overall, the dog’s size, the length of hair, and the coating thickness determine how long it takes to complete the haircut. For any special type of haircut, you must add some extra time. The more frequently you groom the dog at home, the lesser time it takes at the salon.

Ensuring safety for dogs can increase the time 

Dog groomers must not only have high skills in various grooming processes. However, they must also ensure the safety of dogs. Dogs would seldom sit quietly during the grooming processes and could exhibit some restless behavior that groomers must tackle with patience while ensuring the dog’s safety from sharp objects like clippers, nail trimmers, and scissors.

Since groomers must exercise enough caution to ensure safety, it can slow down the process. Although the groomers must complete several tasks in a short time, they would never try to hasten the process by compromising on dog safety.

Making the dog feel comfortable can take some time

 When you take your dog to a professional groomer for the first time, the dog will take some time to familiarize itself with the new people and environment. Some dogs might take a longer time to adjust and calm down to get ready for the session.

The groomer will help the dog be comfortable in the new setting with friendly gestures that develop trust between the dog and the groomer.

Bonding is essential to ensure a smooth grooming process. Since pet grooming impacts the well-being and wellness of dogs, offering it a comfortable experience becomes imperative to achieve wellness goals.

Expert groomers recommend shorter sessions

Even the best-trained dog might grow restless with longer grooming sessions, and there are examples of dog owners giving it up mid-way. Dog owners must ensure that the dog completes the grooming session without quitting.

Since dogs are sensitive, professional groomers recommend shorter sessions within an hour. Trying to pack too many grooming processes in a single session might go against the principle of short sessions.

The services impact the session time

Dog owners who have prior experience in taking their dog to a professional groomer would know the threshold level of their pet during grooming and can select the services accordingly.

Although longer sessions allow services, a lot depends on whether the dog would be comfortable with the lengthy session. Since hair cut takes most of the time, especially if it is a furry dog, it is better to split the sessions into two parts or take the dog for different services on separate days.

Considering that minor services like bath, shampoo, and nail trimming take about 15-30 minutes, hair trimming/cutting can take about an hour. Hence, dog owners can plan separate sessions to ensure a comfortable experience for their dogs.

The dog breed matters

Although bigger dogs might take a longer time for grooming than smaller ones, it is not always true. The dog breed is a critical factor in the dog grooming process, and some smaller breeds require more grooming time seen in some pure breeds and designer breeds.

For example, the Shi Tzu, despite being petite, has such a unique coat that requires special attention and the grooming time is much longer than dogs of other breeds of similar size.

Added treatments take more time

Carrying out beautification treatments during the grooming process extends the time taken for completion. Hair coloring, styling with bandanas, bows, and nail painting comprise some of the beautification treatments dog owners choose occasionally.

Some dog owners might take their dogs to a spa that many groomers can arrange for. However, it will only increase the session time.

Dog grooming depends on the behavior of your furry buddy and for you to understand how much time it would take to complete the grooming session.

Dogs that behave erratically during the grooming session extend the time for completing the process as groomers must allow the dog to cool down before starting any grooming process.

Mona Rodriguez loves dogs and is an active member at her local dog welfare/rescue non-profit organization. She loves to write about dog training and care and aims to increase awareness about dog health and their training skills at pet rescue centers.
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