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Wednesday , December 6 2023
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Dog Guards A Swedish Man, 65, Who Died For A Week

Dog Guards A Swedish Man, 65, Who Died For A Week

A Swedish man was found dead after seven days at this Thailand residence. His dog was guarding at the front door. This man often traveled between Sweden and Thailand.  

On May 15, Nong Han Police Station’s investigators in Udon Thani Province received information of a foreigner’s death at his house in Ban Nong Bua Daeng, in Nong Han District, by an unknown cause.

The forensic doctor stated, “There was no sign of any misdeed, fighting, or robbing after inspecting the body.”

The authority identifies the body as Mr. Johansson, 65. They found a few beer cans beside the bed and said this man had died seven days ago. Standing at the front entrance of the house, a white dog diligently watches over him.

Dog Guards A Swedish Man

Neighbors revealed that Mr. Johansson previously lived with his Thai wife, Banyen. Unfortunately, she died many years ago. Now Mr. Johansson was living alone and frequently traveling between Sweden and Thailand. When he returned, he isolated himself and didn’t interact with anyone. The only companion he had with him was his dog.

A neighbor was passing by his house and smelled a foul odor. He thought it was from the dead dog, but what she saw froze her momentarily when she went in. She instantly contacted the police.

The neighbor stated, “There is a faithful white dog that consistently keeps watch by the front glass door. “The neighbor expressed their belief that the dog is aware of its beloved owner’s demise, yet it cannot do anything to change the situation.

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