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Saturday , January 22 2022
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9 Puppies Rescued From A Tied Polybag In Mohali

9 Puppies Rescue

Recently, nine puppies packed in a polybag have been found abandoned outside a cattle pound in Mohali.  All puppies have been rescued and are being taken care of. Pardeep Kumar, supervisor of Gauri Shankar Sewa Dal managing the cattle pound in Mohali, said he heard the sound of puppies crying ...

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Kerala Come Out With Its Own Anti-Rabies Vaccine

stray dogs in kerala

Kerala is planning to come out with its own anti-rabies vaccine at a cost of about Rs 150 crore, probably making it the first state in the country to manufacture the vaccine directly. The vaccine for both humans and animals would be developed simultaneously at separate labs at the Institute ...

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A Pet Dog Saves Owner’s Life From Attackers

Pet dog save owner's life

A civic agency employee, who was attacked by a group of unidentified men with knives, was saved by his pet dog that pounced on the tormentors of its owner in outer Delhi’s Mangolpuri area, police said today. 58-year-old Rakesh was feeding his dog Tyson outside his house last evening when ...

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Pay A fine If You Don’t Clean Up After Your Pet

Don’t Clean Up After

The Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has decided to impose fines on people who don’t clean up after their litter in the open public areas and in front of homes of other people. The citizens may have to pay fines ranging between Rs. 500 and Rs. 5,000. Pay a fine The ...

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Dog Catchers Strangle Dog To Death In Chennai

dog catching squad

Recently, a shocking video has surfaced on Facebook, where two dog catchers could be seen dragging a dog by a rope around its neck. The video has gone viral on the social media as the dog was strangled to death while it was being dragged by the dog catchers. The video ...

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Man Allegedly Kicks A Puppy To Death In Nagpur

cruelty towards animals

Recently, a 30-year-old man, Abhishek Ingle from Nagpur was arrested on Friday midnight for brutally kicking a 2-month-old stray puppy to death. He also assaulted the woman who was taking care of the stray puppy. The pictures of pup went viral on social media. According to eyewitnesses, the puppy was ...

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Around 1 Lakh Stray Dogs Roam On Mumbai Streets

Stray dogs in Mumbai

Recently, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has started a sterilization programme, but the population of stray dogs in Mumbai continue to grow. Presently, there are more than one lakh strays across the city. As per civic data The dog registration carried out in January 2014, out of the 95,172 dogs ...

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MS Dhoni And His Love For Dogs

MS Dhoni

Recently, Sakshi, MS Dhoni’s wife uploaded a cute video of the former Indian captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni playing with his pet dog Sam on Wednesday in Instagram. In the video, Sam can be seen mirroring Dhoni. When MS Dhoni goes right, so does Sam before the latter becomes rather restless and ...

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