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When should you start giving your dog a joint supplement

When should you start giving your dog a joint supplement?

If you want to provide your dog with an effective joint supplement, you should choose one with active ingredients. When most people think of joint supplements, the first name that comes to mind is glucosamine. Now glucosamine is indeed the most popular active ingredient that prove beneficial in relieving the pain.

However, you also have the likes of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), turmeric or curcumin, and chondroitin. They are strong neutraceuticals as well. So, if you choose a supplement that does not have more than a couple of these, you could be missing out on some of the essential benefits.

Always remember that one treatment that worked for another dog may not do so well when it comes to your baby. If you have any doubts, go for supplements that contain a diverse array of nutrients.

Always look at the number of active ingredientsbest joint supplement for dogs

Does the product state the quantity of the active ingredients that make up the medicine in milligrams? If not, there is a high chance it contains only a negligible amount of the same. It is unlikely that the supplement in question would prove effective on joints of your pet.

For example, if your baby weighs 50 pounds, they must be getting a minimum of 1000 mg of glucosamine every day. If you choose economical joint supplements – ones sold for 15 to 20 dollars per bottle – they would provide you with only 300 mg per day.

These days, companies making dry dog food include frugal amounts of glucosamine to attract more customers. So, you have to make sure your dog is getting enough of the nutrient. You need to be careful enough in choosing the right supplement for your dog. Read the contents before picking one from the pet store.

Always buy products made in the USA (United States of America)

You would assume that most pet stores would now have changed to a scenario where they are selling those products made here in the USA. However, that is not the case.

Plenty of pet stores still sell inferior supplements not made in the country, which means far lower production standards. The same can true of the grocery stores and online retailers you buy from.

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Get hypoallergenic supplements if your dog has food sensitivity or allergies

Has your dog ever reacted unfavorably to any ingredient in the past? In that case, you must buy joint supplements that are hypoallergenic. There is no complete guarantee that the ingredients of such medicine would not cause any reaction in the dog.

However, they have a far lower chance of causing allergies to your dog and because they contain ingredients that dogs rarely react badly to.

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Results would depend on the condition and age of your dog

Under ideal circumstances, you should start administering a joint supplement before your dog shows any pain in those areas. Start when they are around five years old. However, in larger breeds, you may have to do so earlier. However, we do not consider such a medicine imperative till the time signs of joint pain become evident.

So, if your little one is showing any sign of distress in their joints, a supplement can still provide them with plenty of relief. However, it may take a couple of months before improvements are noticeable.

Exercise and proper diet are more important than supplementshomemade joint supplement for dogs

Supplements can never replicate the effect that exercise and proper diet have. Is your dog overfed and overweight? In that case, no matter how many or what medicines or supplements you feed them would never be able to address the root cause of the problem.

So, as the pet parent, you need to make sure your baby gets sufficient exercise every day. You should talk to your vet and find out if you are feeding them more than they need.

Starting a regimen during the colder months

If your dog does indeed suffer from the joint pain, the winter season can be excruciating to them. Arthritic inflammation gets activated by the cold weather. So, if you want to start a regimen of such supplements, you should do it before winter sets in.

Do you live in an area that has colder weather all the year? In that case, your dog would specifically need relief from the pain.

The importance of format and taste in these cases

You may have got the best joint supplement for your dog. However, it would be worth zilch, if your baby refuses to have it. Dogs mostly prefer their supplements to be delivered in formats such as liquids, soft chews, and tablet chews. However, please remember that all these formats come with specific pluses and minuses.

As far as palatability is concerned, canine palates prefer liquids and soft chews. The good thing with a soft chew is that it may contain several nutraceuticals. Hence, experts prefer them the most as well.


You may be wondering whether you should start administering the medicines to your fur baby. Well, the thing is that you are not the only one thinking like this. Studies have proven that around 33.33% of the households with pets in the USA use pet supplements, with joint health supplements being one of the most prominent choices.

The NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) says that they are a natural and safe way to improve the kind of life that your pet is leading. They have the potential to make a positive difference. They are a natural and safest way to improving your baby’s life.

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