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Sunday , September 19 2021
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Ten Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Ten Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Do you wish to be a dog parent? Have you been looking for a dog breed that is satisfied by little love, care, and attention? Dogs that do not need a lot of grooming sessions and quickly adapt to the changing environment? Well, you are on the right article.

The article aims to bring out ten dogs easily available near pet shops and are low maintenance. Today we see dogs as companions and the innocent animals that everyone loves. Initially, according to their genetic characters, they were bred to suit the demands of the human.

The low-maintenance dog breeds are discussed below.

Ten Low Maintenance dog Dreeds

Grey Hound Pups

Grey Hound Pup

These racecourse pups are among the lowest maintenance dog breeds. Their characteristic shows them to be dogs of high maintenance, but they are quite the opposite.

Their exercise includes a thirty-minute walk, and that is more than sufficient. Greyhound or the racecourse pups are built for speed and not stamina. The greyhounds have a single coat that consumes minimal care.

Grey Hound prefer spending time on their own. Their favorite activity is sleeping. They tend to settle with your family and kids. But, they might chase small furry creatures.

Dachshund Pups


These small pups with small feet are happy souls. They need very short walks. They are very much devoted to their owners. They need playtime to be healthy and sound.

Dachshund bond with their owner but love to be left alone. They prefer plenty of toys to play with.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

A Japanese hunting dog breed with a cat-like resemblance means it is independent and will be looking at you from the top shelves or your top shelf most of the time.

These breeds prefer to be left alone more than the other dogs. But, do make sure that the environment is safe for them. Also, give them a lot of toys to play with.

Shiba Inu needs proper brushing in the shedding season but can be managed at home. With an average energy level and training for brain stimulation, they are happy with their owners.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound

An easy-to-go variety who takes life the way it comes. If you take them on mountain trekking, they go along. Can’t you spend time today? No problem, Basset Hound will be cozily laying at your home.

Characterized with short coat does not need a lot of grooming.

Want to give them a paw-feet time? Take them on a couple of good walks and give them happy playtime. That’s it! You are the best pet owner.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

The best choice for low-maintenance dog breeds has to be a French bulldog. The grooming is next to minimal with short coats. They need a very little exercise. They bond closely with their human parent.

They prefer toys to keep them company with themselves.

Bullmastiff pup


These low-maintenance dog breeds have protective and affectionate behaviors. With low energy being genetic, they choose small strolls.

Bullmastiffs are bred as guard dogs and happily layout in the hours. They face no anxiety from family separation, only if trained well.



Famous as pocket rocket, Chihuahua tends to have a reputation for being left alone and be better that way. You need to train them well. They tend to be stubborn and are independent. All that they crave are toys, and they are easily left alone wandering in their me-time. They cope well with your other dogs too.



Pugs are the low-maintenance dog breed. They have a short coat—meaning no grooming. They prefer short walks with indoor playing on a rainy day. They prefer napping and usually be found where you left them.



Breeds that look similar to greyhounds. They prefer short, intense exercise sessions and prefer resting for the whole day. Whippet is famous for being a smart dog, it needs mental stimulation and is perfect with family.

Mixed Breed

Mixed Breed

The mixed breed is a surprising category in the list of low-maintenance dog breed. They are good low maintenance pets. If you choose a mixed breed, make sure to study the temperaments of the parents. The study will indicate how these pups will turn into. They might surprise you or shock you. But, they are worth a try to make your life adventurous.

Whether you buy a dog or adopt a dog, make sure you discuss it with the owners. This is an important step because pet owners know these dog patterns and behavior right when they are small. You can find your perfect, perfect buddy with good research and guidance from their owners.

While having a pet, make sure you take care of their exercise and mental stimulation. Lack of good care might keep them in separation anxiety, and the pups will turn out to be sad. Give them a jolly walk, and they can be your happy buddy.

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